Psilocybin session

What’s a psilocybin session? A psilocybin session is psychedelic assisted therapy session. The psilocybin causes a change of consciousness after ingestion. A psilocybin session therefore often has a therapeutic or […]

Psychedelic therapy

Psychedelelic therapy and triptherapy Psychedelic therapy and triptherapy is similar. Triptherapy is of combination of a therapeutic psychedelic journey and a proper preparation based on your needs. Do you want […]

Psiloflora ceremony

Psiloflora explained Psiloflora is a mixture of psilocybin containing mushrooms or truffles in combination with the Passiflora incarnata, a mild MAO inhibitor. The reason why we add the passion flower […]

Psilocybin ceremony

Magic truffle ceremony This is information about a psilocybin only ceremony. During a psilocybin ceremony we don’t make use of MAO inhibitors. We only use the psilocybin containing magic truffles. […]