MDMA during therapy

After taking during your psychedelic session , a lot of receptors are stimulated more than otherwise. This is mainly due the release of dopamine and serotonin and that’s causing a number of effects that we can use to our advantage during a therapeutic session. More openness is good when somebody is blocked by emotions while talking about trauma for example. But there are more positive effects:

Better state of mind

Feelings of happiness, euphoria and contentment are relatively common when using MDMA. If during this phase of contentment you start talking about your trauma or the triggers of your PTSD the brain stores it in a different way. To the brain, it may be a little crazy. After all, you feel satisfied and safe while talking about your trauma. Also, you can be gently exposed to your triggers for anxiety as long as you are in that safe state. The brain eventually starts to connect the triggers with the positive state you find yourself in. So exposure therapy works very well under the influence of MDMA because the triggers no longer immediately result in an anxious state.

Less ego and self-awareness

With less self-awareness, things seem more connected because you are less likely to distinguish between yourself and the world around you. When you look at yourself with less self-awareness, it sometimes seems like it’s about someone other than yourself. From these thoughts, it is often easier to talk honestly about yourself without emotional blockage. So it creates openness and that can be of great benefit for processing the past but also for talk therapy, self-exploration and personal growth.

Increased empathy and self love

Releasing trauma sometimes involves the forgiveness of the perpetrator and victim. The victim needs to forgive themselves for the situation they were in, and that requires empathy and love for yourself as well. Forgiving the perpetrator can also help in the process. Having more empathy for the offender without the self-protection of the ego, forgiving is often an easier process.

New insights

When using most psychedelics, the brain starts working in a different way than you are used to. New insights and cross-connections may be discovered. In advance, of course, it is impossible to imagine how this will play out. An added benefit of these types of sessions is that curiosity is rewarded and people usually remain curious about themselves, others and the world well beyond the session.

Legal MDMA therapy

In the Netherlands, MDMA is an illegal substance. We therefore work with a substance that is closely related to MDMA, the so-called MDMA analog. In chemistry, by analogue is meant a substance that is chemically related such that it is similar regarding the structure of the molecule with subtle differences. In the case of the MDMA analogue, this is also the case. The structure is almost the same and the minute difference makes it first of all legal, it gives less energy than MDMA and produces more positive and empathic feelings. For most individuals, during the days following the session, there is less of the well-known Tuesday dip that is common with MDMA use. These differences, in our opinion, make it even more suitable for MDMA sessions. An advantage and disadvantage of the MDMA analog is that the effects last a little longer.

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