Psychedelic guide in Utrecht

We’ve got a very good tripsitter who lives in Utrecht. Her name is Loes and she’s very gentle and caring about her customers/clients. In this blog you can read her story and how to get in contact.

About Loes

My name is Loes, I am 38 years old and it is my intention to offer people like you the right guidance and a safe environment before, during and after a psychedelic session.

My educational background is in the field of Human Being management (HBM) and Vitalogy. HBM has an eye for the whole person, for behavior that is visible in conscious actions, but is driven by unconscious, invisible motives. Vitalogy is related to this and is the doctrine of the physical and mental life force that is controlled by conscious and unconscious behavior. 

In addition to being a trip facilitator, I work as an integral coach and vitalologist, guiding people and teams towards greater vitality and personal growth. Being able to guide people in (re)finding their own sources of power, in breaking through limiting convictions and patterns, in gaining valuable new insights towards more freedom of choice and happiness feels like a very valuable contribution to me. 


During my career in HBM, issues surrounding health, absenteeism and sustainable employability often crossed my path. I became more and more interested in our general wellbeing and asked myself the question how I could contribute positively to this current and valuable theme. In-depth courses and training followed (NLP, Vitalogy, Integral coaching, WELL).

My specialisation lies in the field of integral vitality (Vitalogy) and sustainable behavioural change. Vitalogy has to do with life energy. It is about personal leadership and self-management. About taking control and responsibility over your life (again). This requires courage and a healthy dose of self-love (“I am worth it”). It also requires trust in yourself: that the choices you make are good for you. Vitalogy touches not only physical well-being but also mental, social and spiritual well-being. These elements are inextricably linked and have a direct influence on each other. What matters is that you learn to dissect your energy, or lack thereof. And to become aware of which knob to turn to get the energy flowing (again).

Lifestyle factors (exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, addiction, relaxation, etc.) can significantly stagnate our health. I understand how lifestyle factors are related to (thought) patterns and feelings, to relationships and environmental factors. But also how (thought) patterns and beliefs can influence our physical and mental health. My knowledge can be used, among other things, to escape from the negative spiral of depression and to (re)find your own sources of strength.

Sometimes we first have to slow down in order to achieve a sustainable (behavioral) change. This starts with awareness in all kinds of areas. Self-reflection, self-connection and self-love play an important role in this. Psychedelics can support you in this. They let you experience exactly what you need at that moment. New insights give you freedom of choice, peace and many possibilities.

My approach

I apply an integral vision on vitality. The plan of approach during the trip therapy is based on the outcome of the digital intake in which you have filled in your (medical) details. Based on this intake, we will determine whether you are missing certain substances and, if necessary, you will receive advice on lifestyle factors (nutrition, sleep and biorhythm, stress and relaxation, exercise, mindfulness, behavior and habits) and additional supplements.

As a trip facilitator, I offer guidance before, during and after the psychedelic session. The beginning of the trip session resembles talk therapy. After the intake, we will start communicating less and less and eventually we will leave the words for what they are, because it is all about the experience.

During the session I will be subtly present for you, at a location of your choice, so you will feel at ease. I make use of music and healing frequencies. This way you can fully focus on the experience and the valuable insights that will bring you closer to your goal or intention. When you sober up, we gently talk about what your psychedelic experience can do for you.

Deep inside everyone knows what is good for him or her. Sometimes we need someone to support us in the process of personal development and transformation.

My own experience with psychedelics

With curiosity, I have experienced a number of psychedelic sessions under the guidance of Marcel (founder Triptherapie). These sessions did help me gain new valuable insights.

Often the things that bother us in daily life want to teach us something. A developmental step is needed, as was the case with me. Psychedelics offered me, among other things, new perspectives on past events. It enabled me to break through limiting beliefs and (behavioural) patterns and to increase my (freedom of choice). This insight eventually led to more (mental) peace, self-love and connectedness. I dare to follow my heart. That way I can be there for others better.

Paying attention to your personal growth is a beautiful gift to yourself. The psychedelics can help you with this and work as a catalyst. Everyone undergoes this unique experience and inner journey in his or her own way. It is a transforming process that you can trust.

Reviews about Loes

Often customer reviews give a better idea of how others experience Loes as a tripguide. If you are interested, please read a few reviews to get an idea of what you think of Loes.

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Contact us

You can contact me at the email address loes@

Book a session with Loes

I work throughout the Netherlands. For the sessions at home I come from my current place of residence in Utrecht, where travel costs of 50 cents per km are charged from and to the postal code 3583.

Information for booking a session can be found below.

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Fill in the intake

Step 2:

After completing the intake you will receive advice on the dosage of a session and you can book a session. In the email you receive there is also an explanation on how to book a session.