Psilocybin session

What’s a psilocybin session? A psilocybin session is psychedelic assisted therapy session. The psilocybin causes a change of consciousness after ingestion. A psilocybin session therefore often has a therapeutic or […]

Psychedelic therapy

Psychedelelic therapy and triptherapy Psychedelic therapy and triptherapy is similar. Triptherapy is of combination of a therapeutic psychedelic journey and a proper preparation based on your needs. Do you want […]

Price list

Our price list All our rates on this page are based on private bookings. That means that you can create your own group of friends and hat no strangers can […]

Your location

Tripsitter service and psychedelic ceremonies on site In co√∂peration with we can also come by at your location for individual or small group ceremonies. We can set up and […]

Psiloflora ceremony

Psiloflora explained Psiloflora is a mixture of psilocybin containing mushrooms or truffles in combination with the Passiflora incarnata, a mild MAO inhibitor. The reason why we add the passion flower […]