Psychedelelic therapy and triptherapy

Psychedelic therapy and triptherapy is similar. Triptherapy is of combination of a therapeutic psychedelic journey and a proper preparation based on your needs. Do you want extra guidance or just a truffle ceremony?

Triptherapy or just a truffle ceremony?

At we offer truffle ceremonies with extra attention to the therapeutic effects. We call the extra attention trip therapy. So with us you can choose for a psychedelic ceremony with or without the triptherapy trajectories. Do you only want a truffle ceremony or psiloflora ceremony without trip therapy? Click on a link of your choice for more information:

Truffle ceremony

Psiloflora ceremony

Extended psiloflora ceremony

Tripsitter service

What does triptherapy mean?

The additional triptherapy module is mainly used for the treatment of psychological complaints and disorders. In a smaller group of people it is also used against physical disorders. On the basis of an intake and a neurotransmitter test we give a tailor-made supplement advice. We also advise certain foods to eat or not to eat, our advice can also be about exercise.

We can also advise on some extra preparation in the form of books to read or videos to watch on platforms such as Netflix or Youtube. This is because all the information recorded in the brain during the preparation can play a role in the therapeutic effects of the psychedelic session.

Triptherapy clients

Most of our clients who use the trip therapy programs suffer from depression. Psychedelic therapy in combination with the healthy lifestyle choices, which trip therapy stands for, is a holistic approach in which we treat the body and mind as a whole. This approach of synergistic healthy changes is also used for physical complaints caused by stress. Below is a top 5 list of complaints that we treat the most.

  1. Depression
  2. Burnout
  3. Social anxiety
  4. Addictions
  5. PTSD

Trajectory triptherapy

Usually we use a preparation time of two weeks for the trip therapy sessions. In general a trip therapy program looks like this.

  1. Registration, neurotransmitter test and intake
  2. Advice on nutrition, exercise and supplements based on point 1
  3. A period of approximately 2 weeks to familiarise yourself with the recommendations
  4. During the week before the psychedelic session extra tips
  5. An individual psychedelic session (unless a group has extra use or preference)
  6. Discussion of the truffle ceremony on the same day
  7. During the days after the ceremony contact for integration of the insights

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