What a trip I’ve made!

Words can’t explain how and what that has been for me, but what I can express is how I got out of it.

My interest in a truffle ceremony came after I saw this in a program that because of the active substances in certain truffles, connections are made in your brain that normally aren’t there.

This is what I wanted to experience. Looking for who can do this I came to Triptherapie.nlthe right place and contacted Marcel.

Marcel reacted quickly and I agreed to meet him for a walk and talk.

Marcel was straightforward and asked me direct questions about why I wanted this, what I wanted to get out of it etc. This gave me reason to think further about this ceremony.

He told about the possibilities and that in a ceremony you can look at things you want to change in your life.

In the conversation it became clear that Marcel is skilled and also has a lot of experience. All the things you want if you want to do this.

In the weeks before the ceremony Marcel gave me focus with tips on nutrition and mind set. Your view on yourself and the preparation are important so you can get the most out of your ceremony.

On the day of the ceremony I was slightly tense; you don’t know how it goes, what it does to you etc.

Marcel explained what I could expect and we talked about how it feels and what his role is. His calm made me feel at ease.

I’ve felt comfortable, safe and comfortable at every moment in the whole process.

This is because of how Marcel is and what he does.

Eventually when you have drunk the truffle tea you will relax and retreat into your own world and your trip has begun.

During the trip Marcel was my point of contact to measure my experiences, but also my guide to bring what I wanted to ‘view’ into focus.

I can’t help but say and write that this has been a crazy experience that I can give everyone.

Thanks to Marcel’s knowledge, tranquillity and experience.