For me, it was my first time. At first I wanted to do this for my hunting/stress problems during my work. I had also been in a ‘spiritual’ process for some time and felt that this had to happen.

Anyway, the trip. It was a very intense start in which my body/mind system had to go through dark layers. Lots of nausea and feverish tunnel layers my body had to go through. All emotions/blocks in the subconscious were lived in the now at the same time. It seemed that everything had to be enlarged so that it could process itself and disappear from the system.

The next level was the sentence question on who I am. This was very confusing, shifting my consciousness from dimenties to dimenties. This was also where ‘dark’ influences came in that probably wanted to stop it. Even Marcel was used for this. Sorry Marcel maybe it’s because of my background that it went this way. Or maybe it’s because of films that got stuck in the subconscious.

In the end the ikje came loose from duality and ended up in spheres as unfounded where there is no word to mention. Absolute nothing and everything at the same time if I have to give it a reference. I had the feeling that from here you can discover even deeper layers and wisdom. I noticed that only concentration and other influences threw a spanner in the works.

All in all, almost a week on. Live everything in a slow motion and understand everything that happens from a wholeness consciousness with little time awareness. work went well for me as well. Live in the moment and get situations when I think of something.

Tips I can give you: Make sure your intention is clear beforehand. Environment, setting is also important. Music and smells etc.. These are factors that can disrupt the trip if you are very deep. At least that was my experience.