This is a follow up on my experience a few months ago —

This might sound strange — but since my experience the meaningfulness and insight I’ve gained from my heroic does trip experience has actually increased.

Not a day has gone by that I haven’t reflected upon this experience… and to say it has affected me in a positive way is a huge understatement. Although even to this day it’s hard to put into words what I experienced. It was a complete ego death — and I experienced a oneness with the universe that so many mystics, yogis, shamans and religious teachers have talked about for centuries. It has given me incredible insight that before I struggled to understand or shrugged off as crazy. Just this week I re-read some of Ernest Becker and Alan Watts and understood them in a way I never could or never would if I hadn’t experienced my heroic journey.

It’s truly been the gift that keeps on giving. This level of insight has been incredible. So incredible that I’m still learning from it daily and so beneficial that things that I shrugged off are coming back to me filled with resonance.

I should say that because it was my first trip ever, I’m not sure if you could call it a good trip or a bad trip… because at times it was euphoric and at other times quite terrifying. But the terrifying parts are really the parts that give me the most to reflect upon now. In a way it is terrifying to leave your body and merge with the great ‘Self’ or the ‘universe’ or ‘God’. But it was also exactly what I wanted to experience.

On top of everything that I continue to learn in regards to the experience it has taught me that there is SO much we don’t know… and I can’t wait to go down the rabbit hole again to see what other gems I can discover.