I did this psychedelic journey to get more energy. And release any blockages.

I have not received a direct answer, but instinctively my internal energy management has been recalibrated. And I have the impression that blockades have been released.

I experienced it as very pleasant. Stendert exudes peace and confidence, which has helped me a lot during such a first ceremony.
He also clearly stated what we could and could not expect. The ceremony was part of a personal development / coaching process and less of a spiritual affair. His personal stories and experiences have also helped me to better place the information from the ceremony.

I have more energy and trust my intuition even more. And can put things into perspective better. To what extent is it difficult to indicate. I am happy with the fact that there are changes.

The fact that Stendert is flexible is in space, so that the cermony could also be covered at our home was very nice for us. His presence felt very familiar and he is really working to make the process an added value for us.

For me it was very good and well worth the money. So keep it up.