On September 20, 2019 I was ready for my third psychedelics trip. I had been given the extraordinary opportunity to be one of the first to do this session in a very special, idyllic location of our sympathetic host Arjan and of course under the guidance of everyone’s friend Stendert.

The whole thing took place in a self-built wooden cabin, which was perfect for a two-person session with my good friend Steven.


In front of the cabin was the Circle of Power that made it even more special. It was demarcated with rocks and natural stones. In the center was a beautiful-looking rock crystal.

After a nice tour on the domain of Arjan, and admiring his authentic Mongolian tent, and chatting together, it was time for the trip.


We first took our delicious MAO inhibitor with the taste of ambrosia and raspberries (NOT!), The drink was disgustingly bitter and I imagine licking a cactus would feel even more pleasant. But well, it is worth it!


We lay down in our sleeping bags while Arjan lit the fireplace (cozy!). I soon went into a trance that made me feel very comfortable and happy, although I didn’t go very deep. It felt more like a lucid dream.


After 2 hours Stendert woke me because it was time for the second shot of the Gods drink.

We sat down in the Circle of Power and told each other’s experiences. As I looked at the crystal in the center of the circle, I saw it change from clear to milky white, pulsating like a beating heart, but much slower.


I said to Steven what I saw, and I expected a burst of laughter, and I saw he was ready for that, until he looked and shouted in amazement that he saw it too. We asked Arjan and Stendert if they saw it, but they answered coolly that they had not been drinking the Gods drink.


According to them, it was a sign that we should lie down again. Immediately I felt how the physical purification was started in the form of abdominal cramps. I struggled to squeeze my butt because I felt I was leaving every moment, and sure enough, with the speed of a rabbit on steroids, I was sucked into the other dimension.


To the music of karunesh, more specifically the song Moola Mantra, my journey started. I was drawn into a world very similar to ancient Egypt we know from movies and documentaries.

Only what happened was a completely different story. In this dimension, worlds were created to the tones of music and Mantras.


More specifically, the Mantras that originated in that song. I also started singing along as if it was my job, and it went completely by itself. I followed the flow of the other Gods present and built entire landscapes. It was then that I realized that I myself was the creator of my own world, that I can create anything I want.


That I actually discovered God in myself and that there were no limits for me anymore. It was terribly scary to be pulled out of my body and into a dimension that I didn’t know I would ever return to, and the idea of ​​never seeing my family and friends again made me very sad. Yet I realized deep down that I was receiving a lesson here that would drastically change my life.


Also the realization that everything consists of sound and tones did not surprise me. It seemed as if I had always known that it was woven into my DNA. When I started to return from that dimension a bit and I floated between two worlds, I saw my guide Stendert standing next to me. He just said with his compassionate smile: “Now go inside yourself and take a good look around at the beautiful things you can see there.”


The moment he said that I disappeared in my body. What I saw made me so much pleasure and happiness: only love and purity, worlds in worlds, infinity. The realization that I am God of my own body, my inner God.


Of course, many more things happened that I can bring to my mind again while I played the matching music again, but they are guaranteed to surface more clearly later.


I did not sleep after the trip yet and try to write down everything I remember, but I now know from experience that after days, weeks and even months, memories of the trip can still arise.

That was the trip itself in a nutshell, but the effect I feel afterwards is almost impossible to describe.


A feeling of intense happiness, unconditional love for everything and everyone, a serenity that I have not felt for a long time, and especially inner peace and tranquility. Apparently it is three times right, and I have now had the most beautiful and life-changing psychedelical experience.


A must for anyone who wants to discover himself and his inner world and wants to continue with an awareness of an eternally existent soul.


Ending with a bit of surreptitious advertising: let Stendert and Arjan guide you, because they make it a great experience .