My boyfriend had asked me to do a trip therapy with Marcel. And I thought this was going to be a standard colorful Saturday afternoon and in the evening I am chatting on a birthday. From the moment Marcel stepped in and conjured up his homemade hot truffle cocktail. I knew, this is not going to be a normal truffle session.

I’m a fairly sensitive type and had asked for a mild dose, which I hadn’t even drunk. Because within 12 minutes I was tripping so hard that I had to look for a dark corner. But after an hour I sank into it so deliciously that my whole house looked like a light show festival. I saw the most beautiful colors around me and my whole house started to live.

A few hours later I felt a strong need to talk to Marcel. Suddenly I had a tendency to ask him my life questions and to philosophize about all the invisible frames of life. Marcel was able to guide me through these phases and we also had a lot of laughs together. I enjoyed his good preparation and the smells I suddenly couldn’t smell anymore. Because I had forgotten that we actually agreed with all of them that we gave each scent a name.

After the session my brain felt so overtired that I had to sleep for an hour. Then I had to get ready again, because of course I still had a birthday where I had to go. I had experienced so much during my truffle session. That during conversations on that birthday people felt so good that I knew what they were feeling and were going to say. I also saw physical blockages in them that I didn’t see before. I had discussed this later with Marcel and according to him I had become more intuitive because of the truffle therapy. I felt relaxed and clear for a few days. And that felt really nice.

I can’t guarantee that you’re going to have such a crazy experience with Marcel. But one thing I know for sure is that it will be an unforgettable event in your life. After such a session, life certainly looks different. And I can’t wait for the next session with Marcel!