For some years now I’ve been walking with physical complaints after an accident. from a sportive person I sank away to a non-active person with twenty kilos overweight. Although on MRI scans and other tests there is nothing to be seen at all, I continued to suffer from my symptoms. No idea how many physios, manual therapists, chiropractors, etc, etc, I have worn out but nothing helped. At the same time we were also told that our daughter has a progressive disorder in her eyes which will cause her to go blind. All in all that doesn’t do much good between the ears.

Because I recognized that it plays a big role between the ears, I followed all kinds of trajectories for this. Doing Yoga, meditation, visiting therapists, etc. But also here without a lot of success, which made me pretty ‘treat tired’ after four years of struggle. In my last trajectory I was referred to TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome) The theory behind it is that the body has pain as a distraction to something between the ears. In itself I do believe in this theory, however, I find it difficult to get to the deeper psychological layers in a ‘normal’ situation. This is due to my own treatment fatigue and resistance to theories that are brought as if they come straight from the bible. Theories that, according to the therapists, can work miracles whenever you believe in them. I certainly believe that ‘believing’ can do a lot to a human being, but I couldn’t bring myself to dig so deep into my ‘past’.

The truffle therapy has helped me to overcome the barriers and discover the deeper layers in my brain within a few hours. (and they weren’t always beautiful) No idea what kind of gibberish I have been talking about but what I do remember is that Marcel asks the right questions at the right time to make sure I stayed on the path. It didn’t quite land directly with me but now, two days later, I am very happy that I started this adventure. The physical complaints didn’t disappear immediately but mentally I feel a lot better. Who knows, maybe my body will follow my mental state soon.

You can follow so many therapies, do trainings and read books but in my experience there is nothing that confronts you with yourself in such a short time. Just as with the last mentioned (trainings, therapies, etc) you really should determine the effect yourself and hold on to it, but the start is there.

Thank you Marcel for your calm and professional guidance.