The reason I chose trip therapy is because there is room for personal attention. That starts before you even start the actual trip.

The advice I received has been very beneficial to me. Good healthy food, exercise and supplements had made me feel good about myself.
My intention was clear and discussed with Marcel.

Marcel’s explanation and attention was appreciated and was clear. He knows a lot about the workings of the substances in the brain and how to regulate them.
It is a holistic, individual approach.

Personally I found it very pleasant that the contact was 1 to 1 and at my home. I noticed that I was quickly distracted at group ceremonies. One time alone was pleasant.
Although there is a lot possible with trip therapy and I wouldn’t shy away from a group ceremony the next time. The room in Schiedam looks very attractive.

Marcel’s presence is pleasant and I haven’t felt unsafe for a moment. This ensured that I had a pleasant quiet trip.

Together with Marcel decided to do a high dose of truffles with passion flower; psiloflora.
From the outside little seemed to happen but on the inside it was an infinite space where I have been in many places. Once in a while Marcel guided me back where I wanted to focus my attention. He also made me think, even after the trip. A good conversation with me just wasn’t in it. I didn’t get what was happening in my brain translated into words.
My trip touched beautiful places in myself but I certainly also enjoyed the colours, visuals and connections of the universe.

The smells (even though they were limited due to the presence of a cat. Whatever Marcel had picked out nicely) were a nice addition to the trip. One of which he can be proud and, as far as I know, he is the only one offering.
Also the colours and the music were well chosen.

After the trip there was also contact to find out how I experienced it and how I am doing.

Triptherapy with Marcel is absolutely recommended.

Psychedelics show again what you are made of and how magical you, the world and the universe are.