guess I’ve had a lot of experiences that others have, but it’s intense to experience it myself.

In the beginning I saw beautiful statues, lots of colours and geometric figures, but at one point these statues switched to skulls and nasty little figures. I was relieved that this happened quickly and that I could indeed send it myself. I see this as fear that can be overcome.

The lonely, sad little man I saw caused me a lot of grief. I saw myself sitting down. This too went by and then immediately afterwards I experienced an intense fit of laughter with afterwards tears of happiness. An emotion I never felt before.

Afterwards, a lot of amazement at what was coming at me. Hindu gods, the globe on the painting that became 3 dimensional, man woman element, yin yang.

In the sad painting the colours alternated. tears-768x768.jpeg

And then on the blue painting I experienced a lot of rest. I saw fish, babies, Santa Claus, religious figures, antiquity, Greek or Romanesque text.

It was a rollercoaster of impressions and emotions.

What I’m getting out of it for myself:

-everything will be all right

-focus on the positive

-you can steer by yourself

-there’s more to this world than what you see.

-Scared of

-it’s what it is, let what needs to be done happen.

-I still feel

-difference between knowing and feeling

-Art is important

-feeling that a burden has been lifted from me, I’m experiencing peaceful rest

-At the moment there are almost no thoughts, and if they do come, they’re gone immediately. (Should be the effect of meditation) I am happy to feel it and hope I can hold on to it.

Maybe all clichés, but I’ve felt them

I’m so glad I made this trip!

Thanks, and if I want to experience this again, I know where to go.


Kind regards,