I suffered from burnout for 5 months, unfortunately I persisted during the burnout, not knowing what was going on with me and reached the final stage, couldn’t function normally and even communicate properly, had flattened emotions (depression) and had everything one can have from burnout. I went from one psychologist to another, I drank all the necessary vitamins, but didn’t see the result, read on the internet every day what I could still find, looked for something rare that would be effective for my problem, because I had already tried everything. I never stripped, and it was a very special experience, no one could describe it with common words, and no one will understand who didn’t experience it. The start of the trip was very pleasant, because Marcel created a very nice atmosphere, with smells, colors and music, it couldn’t have been better. During the trip I got all the answers to my questions, it sounds unrealistic, but it’s true, I got full insight into my problem, at that moment I knew what exactly caused my stress, that was a deep analysis in my own, remembered my childhood times, and what is very unique, those answers I got, were stored in my subconscious, while seeing all those figures and patterns around me, I felt that my subconscious is being programmed again (restart exactly). And Marcel has felt exactly what I feel, and has directed my own thoughts to the necessary side, and I can say with all certainty that I am 80% cured, it’s highly recommended, and I want to thank you Marcel is still for everything, you did what seemed impossible to me before!