My name is Victor, I have chosen psilocybin therapy for several reasons. The reasons are a bit different and I would like to keep them private but I think you can imagine why you would choose this path.

I’ve been reading positive things about psilocybin therapy mainly from studies done in hospitals on depressed patients who are resistant to other treatments. This was not the case for me but I knew I could get things out of it that would help me with my “problems”. I don’t like to call it more problems after this trip but I can’t find another word to describe it.

I contacted Marcel, at first it was pretty scary for me because of course it’s someone you’ve never met and then you have such an intense experience with them. That’s why I chose to bring my partner to the trip so that I would have a confidant with me and I would feel comfortable. This was also the case during the trip, I felt at ease. Everything felt very well prepared before and after the trip, I had the feeling that Marcel knew very well that I was going through and knew how to deal with it. Small things like choosing the right music and the aromatherapy that comes with it had a very big impact for me on how the experience was. I was inside myself during most of the trip, maybe it had to do with the fact that I didn’t really know Marcel or maybe I wanted to record all the information that came to me and therefore I couldn’t say much. In any case this was handled well and at no point during the trip I felt uncomfortable. And every now and then I was addressed with short questions by Marcel who then sent me during the experience and from which I learned the biggest things.

I can’t say much about the experience itself, I think it’s different for everyone and difficult to describe, you can look at yourself and others in a different way and accept things better. I also had the feeling that all the emotions that were stuck during the trip found their way out without any kind of pain.

Now a few days after the trip I am starting to notice more and more the positive changes that this trip has brought about, I deal with situations differently and just feel much better. Accepting things is much easier and I don’t hold on to negative emotions for as long.

Even though these may seem simple changes, they have already had a big impact on these few days, I hope I can hold on to this for as long as possible and build on it.

I want to thank Marcel for all this, it’s a unique experience that can be so healing in your life and which unfortunately not many people have experienced today.

I hope that those who still doubt or fear this will also find their way to this form of salvation.