Triptherapy… I was careful. Did my research beforehand. Marcel also gave me the necessary information. I had faith in it and took it on.

I found it quite exciting beforehand. But wow! What an experience. I have the necessary knowledge from psychology. In addition, I’ve done a lot of research into softening processes myself. But during the trip all the information comes together.

But the masterly thing is that you already know the things that come out. That the answers are already inside you. It comes out so clearly. And then you’re gonna know it but you’re also gonna feel it… That’s a really big difference. Wow! Wow!

Marcel assisted me during this process. He does this very skilfully. It adapts to what I needed at that moment. He has the necessary knowledge. What made me feel confident in the situation and actually didn’t get anxious and was able to continue my process.

One day later I notice revelation on revelation. The things I knew have suddenly landed. How nice! I’m really curious where this is going to take me!